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Glomar Supplies Limited S.A., a Panama born shipping enterprise, is located in Panama City, Panama Republic., our company is a worldwide leader in our scopes of expertise, which has quickly become an industry leader in the construction of OPA 90-compliant vessels, dredges and dredging support equipment (scows, deck barges, tugs etc.), along with bulk cargo self-unloading solutions, ship yards. This highly progressive Engineering division of GLOMAR PANAMA Group specializes in large ship construction projects on a world wide spectrum.Glomar Panama is a leader in the construction, conversion, maintenance, and ship repair service for the maritime industries. Operating on over more than 60% of the African continent, including two of the three largest graving docks. Glomar and its worldwide operating partners and associates, form a multi disciplined shipping group, which is
How We Work
At GlomarPanama, we take our responsibility for the owners, customers and our staff  very seriously.  To ensure that we are always meeting our own high standards, we follow a clear strategy based upon certified quality management and environmental performance systems.